You have completed this course.

This is a great achievement and a milestone in your social media skills.

If you would like to have this remarkable achievement and the associated qualifications documented and confirmed externally, I recommend that you complete the pbsm.strategist degree. This is more than the last building block. This degree gives you more confidence in the application based on the thesis.

The next challenge is successful implementation in the company

Implementing strategy in a company is a challenge even for an experienced CEO. You have the advantage of knowing an innovative method with which you can gain the support of company management by aligning with the business model and, by integrating the functional areas, their support.

I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you for that.

With a little help it gets better.

You can go it alone and seek the necessary support within the company. The latter is unavoidable. But if you start alone, you also have to spread the basics and understanding of strategy development on your own. And that takes additional energy and time – in addition to the challenge of strategy development. I support you with these services.

Individual coaching

You will receive support in applying the method in your company in the form of a contact person who will support you in the application and the challenges that arise.


To start strategy development in the company, we recommend a workshop in which the functional areas involved are not only presented with their opportunities from social media but also made aware of their tasks and the importance of their involvement in strategy development.


Wilfried Schock