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Welcome to the pbsm.strategy course – the most comprehensive strategy course for social media. The most important facts about the strategy course:

  • The social media strategy course is free of charge. You develop the course content on your own initiative and under your own responsibility. Support with questions about the content and implementation or the exercises is available for a fee.
  • The strategy course is purely digital. Participants learn when and where it is best for them, at their own pace and according to their time constraints.
  • The free strategy course does not include a degree.
  • The strategy course with the pbsm.strategist qualification is subject to a fee. You earn the degree by successfully completing a thesis in the form of a complete strategy development for a specific company as proof of achievement. The requirements for the thesis are described on the download page.
  • The free strategy course does not include a license to use content, work aids or the marketing of the method or the use of the pbsm brand. If you offer the method as a service, the pbsm.strategist qualification is required.

Your contact for questions about the course: Wilfried Schock (

The potential-based strategy model pbsm and the mission behind it

The potential-based strategy model is a method with which social media managers can develop economically effective and competitive strategies for companies.

In the training of social media managers, I have reduced this methodological deficit through individual practical approaches, but was not satisfied with this overall and therefore developed the potential-based strategy model for social media and the online course during a time-out. This should enable most social media managers to derive significantly more economical and competitive strategies for the use of social media for the individual business models of companies.

The strategy course is structured in such a way that a solid basic knowledge of social media is sufficient as a prerequisite. The usage of the method on the business model of companies is explained as a whole in the course.

To date, there have only been strategy models or usage methods that are geared towards supporting marketing and do not fulfill the requirements of a strategy. This results in inadequate use of social media, lower contributions of social media to the company’s success and ineffective use of company resources.

Mission and quality standards

The mission and quality standards of the method lead to conflicting requirements: rapid dissemination and sufficient quality assurance. The solution is simple:

  • Fast dissemination: online courses are digital products. The fastest dissemination results from the approach with the fewest hurdles. In this case, this is the completely free use of the strategy course and the absence of any form of examination or performance record. Everyone can use the strategy course as they see fit. Of course, this is also associated with the risk of incomplete courses, half-knowledge and deficits in implementation.
  • Quality assurance: Companies need qualified strategies for social media. The pbsm should make a significant contribution to this. And this requires that companies as employers or clients maintain quality in the usage of the method. To ensure this, there is a corresponding certificate of achievement in the form of the pbsm.strategist qualification, which is documented by a strategy development using this method. Graduates are listed in the user directory at This makes it possible to see at any time whether a service provider or employee actually has a proven qualification for the usage of pbsm.

If you do not need proof of performance, you can dispense with the effort of developing a strategy. If you want to be sure of being able to use the method, you can develop and confirm this ability through exercises and strategy development.

Graduation pbsm.strategist

The pbsm.strategist qualification is subject to a fee and requires proof of performance for quality assurance. Proof of performance is provided by developing a strategy using this method. The requirements for usage of the method can be requested by email ( or downloaded here. A recognized strategy development leads to a degree and entry in the pbsm.user directory.

If you wish to obtain the pbsm.strategist qualification, please register as soon as possible. This will ensure that your examination papaer is accepted within a period of one year from registration and that you have a contact person for questions and feedback during this period if required. The number of examinations per year is limited due to the associated supervision.

The costs for the pbsm.strategist degree (€1,850 plus VAT) are due upon submission of the examination paper (strategy).

Practical completion of the course

  • Sequence of content: the content of the course is arranged in a coordinated sequence. Please complete the course in this order. This will make it easier for you to work through the content.
  • Practical knowledge: To ensure that you acquire practical knowledge that is ready for usage, you should apply the content of the course to a real-life example. To do this, find a company whose business model you are sufficiently familiar with. If you know a company and want to use it as a use case, but are not sufficiently familiar with its business model, talk to the company’s managers and ask for their support. The benefit for the company is to get to know a more effective social media strategy or at least an alternative strategy that is tailored to the company’s individual requirements and competitive situation.
  • Degree pbsm.strategist: If you are aiming for the degree pbsm.strategist, you will need a company for whose business model you can use your strategy development as your examination paper. It is advisable to get a general view of the course and its requirements before approaching a company.
  • Structure of the content: the content of the course is divided into basics and usage. Please work through the basics first and then apply them to your example.
  • Exercises: The course includes more than 200 practical exercises with which you can train the usage of the method and test your level of knowledge and application.

Support during the course

If you have any questions about content, usage and exercises during the course, I am optionally available as a contact person according to your needs.

  • Personal coaching on content and usage: You make an appointment for a facetime meeting (costs €80 plus VAT per half hour or part thereof).
  • Simple questions about course content: You ask your questions by email (costs €35 plus VAT).
  • Feedback on exercises and usages: You send the exercise / usage as a pdf file by eMail, get an invoice, pay it and get your feedback by email. ()

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