Test course: Social media performance potential for companies

This part of the Social Media Performance Potential for Business course module will give you an insight into the strategy course. It addresses the social media performance potential and is part of the strategy course pbsm.user. This portion of the course module comprises approximately one-third of this course module.

Social media performance potential represents the impact of social media in markets. It covers the different usage formats of social media and describes their performance capabilities for companies.

Module content

In this module, you will learn the social media performance potential through and in the form of the individual usage formats and the different types of social media impact.

Content organization

The module is divided into three sections.

  • Basics: here you get basic knowledge around the topic of social media affinity. Try to work through this basic knowledge step by step. For understanding, it has proven helpful if you mirror this basic knowledge with your practical social media experience.
  • practical application: in this area you will work step by step on the concrete application of the basic knowledge using templates in individual work steps. The templates here have an exemplary character. This means that they are rather of a basic, exemplary nature and should be adapted for the individual case.
  • Exercises: You will work through practice exercises. The tasks are of a fundamental nature. The application happens for a business situation that you already know.

Learning objective of the module

You should know the social media usage formats and types of social media impact and be able to use them for social media strategy.

Reading time

The pure reading time of the entire module is approximately 250 minutes.


The entire course module contains 78 exercises.