The online courses on the potential-based strategy model pbsm contain a large number of application exercises. These exercises are carried out on your own responsibility and can be used on the example of

  • of one’s own company.
  • of the own industry.
  • other companies / industries.

The aim of these exercises is to check one’s own skills in the application of the strategy model. Based on the exercises, open points and questions are to be identified and solved by repeating the material or clarifying open questions about the application.

The execution of the exercises is not obligatory for the ungraded degree Social Media Strategy User pbsm but highly recommended, because only in this way you get a resilient impression of your ability in the use of the strategy model and gain initial confidence in its practical application.

For the graded Social Media Strategist pbsm. degree, the results of 40 exercises are included in the final grade. This means that 40 exercises must be completed as compulsory exercises for this degree. These compulsory exercises partly require skills that are trained in previous exercises.

Additional feedback for individual exercises

As additional support, you have the paid option to submit individual exercises for review and feedback. This will give you additional confidence in using the strategy model and help you prepare better at the graded final.

Request individual feedback

  1. Book the individual feedback for the exercise you have selected.
  2. Upload the exercise. To do this, use the “Tasks” tool at the end of each topic.