To whom is this strategy course essential?

This strategie course is essential to everyone who

is or want to be responsibel for social media in their own company or organization – as owner or employee.

want to build up strategy competence in and for social media.

want to support their company’s success with well-founded social media strategies.

want to build up competence for the potential-based strategy model in the fastest and cheapest way on their own responsibility.

How does this course works?

The strategy course takes place purely digitally.. Participants learn when and where it is best for them, at their own pace and according to their time constraints.
This course is available in unlimited number of participants. Participants have 3 months access to their online course. It is possible to extend the term.
Communication with the instructor or other participants takes place in the forum.


Participants complete the contents in the given order, deepen their new knowledge by means of practical applications and exercises, use Wiki, FAQ and forum for questions. The instructor communicates regularly via the forum. Contents are text-based. You do not have to extract knowledge from videos so there is no need for fast forward or rewind.


the practical explanation of the method step by step and supplemented by work templates.


learning success of the individual contents is tested by the participants themselves using practical exercises under their own responsibility. In case of problems the participants have access to the course content, the wiki, the forum. You can also book consultation hours with your instructor.


Basic knowledge you actually need, kept as lean as possible.


The course leads to the degree pbsm.user at the end of the course time. There is no exam. Exercises are not graded. Graduation is achieved upon completion of the course.


no graded degree. Participants acquire their competence on their own responsibility. Participants confirm their individual competence through their work.

Advantage same content

Both courses contain the same content. The degree pbsm.user differs only in that it is offered without graded compulsory exercises and graded strategy development.

Advantage less work and higher relevance.

In the exercises you focus on your company and its situation. This supports a quick practical implementation and is more relevant for you. You also save the high number of compulsory exercises compared to the Social Media Strategy Consultant pbsm degree.

Advantage flexibility

You can set your own priorities iand focus on the exercises that are particularly important to you for your requirements and do not have to think about grading.

Advantage lower costs

Since the degree pbsm.user does not require any exercises and no strategy development this strategy course is more inexpensive.

Course components

Online course

3 months access to content and explanations of the basics and practical application of the method with work templates as examples and exercises for self-control. Extension is possible.


Time unlimited license for the use of the potential-based strategy model for your own company.


wiki with an explanation of terms as a reference aid.


FAQ section where frequently asked questions are addressed. This area fills up according to the questions of the participants.


Forums for sharing and asking questions with the instructor and other participants.


The instructor is available in the forum to answer questions. Additional individual consultation hours and individual feedback on exercises are possible (fee required).

Course price 950€ plus taxes

includes license for use of the method for own company, but not for services to third parties.

How to buy the course.

  1. Order the course.
  2. You get your invoice and your access data by eMail.
  3. Log in via Main menu
  4. Go to your profile. There you find the link to your course.

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