Zeit für Strategiekompetenz
Zeit für Strategiekompetenz

Social Media

Zeit für Strategiekompetenz
Zeit für Strategiekompetenz

Social Media


A social media strategy with pbsm is more powerful

There are different methods to develop a social media strategy. Learn what makes the potential-based strategy model more powerful.

Social media  performance potential

Only if we know what social media can do for a company we can harness the full performance potential of social media.

The pbsm works with a defined social media performance potential with direct reference to the corporate benefit from social media.

Business model  of the company

Other methods of strategy development use social media primarily for marketing.

In pbsm, the social media strategy supports the business model. This also reveals the potential for change that social media can bring to your business model.

Social media affinity of markets

The social media impact on markets is individual.

In the potential-based strategy model
the social media affinity makes this individual impact clear.

Topics and subject areas

Topics and subject areas are content and structures defined by a topic.

With pbsm you address markets and competitive situations more precisely with it.

Social media options for action

Options for action show what is possible for a company in a specific market and competition in social media.

With pbsm the options for action are the basis of the social media strategy.

Strategy components

Defined components of a social media strategy allow performance, risks and requirements of a strategy to be identified and compared.

With pbsm a set of strategy components becomes part of the daily business.

Strategy versions

An open strategy process with strategy versions will be more equitable to priorities, competition, resources and alternative approaches.

The pbsm is based on strategy versions.

Social Media Resources

Social media is resource intensive and a source of resources.

With pbsm you use resources more precisely and tap the resources of social media.

Company options

Social media requires structures and strategies with a long-term perspective.

With pbsm you recognize which options result from a strategy.

Your personal advantages through the potential-based strategy model

Strategy competence: The potential-based strategy model leads to higher strategy competence. They can explain and shape the benefits of social media on all aspects of the business model.

Relevance: The importance of social media – and your strategy expertise – to the success of the business model becomes clear. This ensures attention and recognition.

Take advantage of these benefits for yourself.

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1 Set up

Course module set up strategy process
Reading time approx. 10 minutes
Exercises 1

2 Social media performance potential

Course module Social Media Performance Potential
Reading time 250 minutes
Exercises: 78

3 Social media action options

Course module Social Media Options for Action
Pure reading time: approx. 200 minutes
Exercises: 37

4 social media strategy components

Course module Social Media Strategy Components
Reading time: approx. 250 minutes
Exercises: 49

5 Definition of social media strategy

Course module Social Media Strategy Definition
Pure reading time: approx. 150 minutes
Exercises: 40

6. Social media strategy evaluation

Course module Strategy evaluation
Reading time: approx. 82 minutes
Exercises: 4

7 Strategy Management

Course module Strategy Management
Reading time: approx. 20 minutes
Exercises: none