Zeit für Strategiekompetenz

the potential based
social media
strategie model

Zeit für Strategiekompetenz

Time for more social media strategy expertise

Zeit für Strategiekompetenz

the potential based
social media
strategie model

Zeit für Strategiekompetenz

Time for more social media strategy expertise


What the potential-based social media strategy model pbsm differs from other methods of strategy development.

Social media strategies are developed in very different ways. Below are some key points where the potential-based social media strategy model differs from other approaches.

Social media  performance potential

Social media strategies according to the pbsm are based on the full performance potential of social media for companies.
The broader performance potential leads to more powerful strategies.

Business model  of the company

Social media strategies according to the pbsm directly support the success of the company’s business model and support multiple areas of the business model.
Broader business model support leads to broader business success.

Social media affinity of markets

The impact of social media strategies depends on the social media affinity of the markets. Strategies according to the pbsm take this success factor into account methodically. Thus, these strategies are more effective.
Focusing on the effective areas in social media leads to more effective strategies.


At pbsm we design strategies that divide markets into smaller segments that can be addressed directly in social media and that we can work on individually. We recognize the benefits to the company that can be realized in these segments and the competitive situation in which we find ourselves in this segment. This allows strategies to be designed more precisely and targeted more specifically to the competitive situation.
Strategies that work the market more precisely are more powerful.

Social media options for action

The options for action in the pbsm show which benefits a company can achieve with which approach. This includes both the benefit for the company and the competitive situation. We identify what a strategy must achieve in which area in order to be successful in competition.
More competitive strategies are more successful.

Social Media Resources

At pbsm it becomes clear which resources a strategy requires and which social media resources can be used and how.
Strategies that leverage social media resources are more effective and successful.

Strategy process

The pbsm guides you step by step through the individual phases and work steps of strategy development with explained steps and working aids. Thus, strategy is not a black box but a structured process through which even newcomers to the subject can master it safely and competently.
Strategy competence is the prerequisite for successful strategies.

Quality assurance

Each user of the method is entered in the user directory with his degree. This is how you can tell which training the respective user has.
For successful strategies, the quality of strategy competence should be ensured from the very beginning of strategy development.

Personal benefits through the pbsm.

Your professional competence increases significantly and is better recognized.  

They become much more valuable to your business.
You can use social media more comprehensively for the commercial success of your company. Across the company’s business model.

Requirements from the pbsm.

You will need social media know for the courses. The ability to use social media profitably for business models is something you will develop in the courses.

A comparable social media strategy competence has not yet been taught in social media training.
That’s why these courses exist.

Meet your new skills here.