How the potential-based social media strategy model pbsm works.

With the potential-based strategy model for social media, we develop social media strategies via the following processes.

1 – Foundation of the media strategy

The foundation of the potential-based social media strategy model is an in-depth knowledge of the social media performance potential and knowledge of the company for which the strategy is being developed.

2 – Social media performance potential

In the first step, we determine the specific social media performance potential for the company’s business model and corporate goals.

3 – Social media action options

From this, we derive the company’s sensible options for action in social media, taking into account the competition.

4 – Social media strategy definition

Based on the social media action options, we develop one or more strategy drafts. Different strategy drafts make it easier to find the best possible strategy.

5 – Evaluation of the strategy drafts

We check the strategy drafts for their performance for the business model and corporate goals, their risks,competitive quality and strategic quality.

6 – Social media strategy elements

For the best strategy drafts, we specify the contents of the strategy elements and check their compatibility and resource requirements.

7 – Social media strategy decision

Because social media affects the entire company, business model and company potential, the decision on the social media strategy should only be taken by the company management. In the potential-based social media strategy model, the company management decides on the the final strategy.

What distinguishes the potential-based social media strategy model pbsm from other methods of strategy development.

Social media strategies are developed in very different ways. Below are some points where the potential-based social media strategy model distinguishes itself from other approaches.

Social media performance potential

Social media has a broad and diverse performance potential. If we do not take all parts of this performance potential into account when developing social media strategies, we run the risk that this strategy will fall short of what is possible for us and our competitors.

In the potential-based social media strategy model pbsm. we use a clearly defined and comprehensive social media performance potential. We do not focus primarily on what an single social media channel can achieve, but on what social media as a whole can do for our company.

This approach is one of the foundations for the higher performance of the method.

Company business model

Social media affects businesses and organizations holistically. Social media has greatly changed the way we communicate, inform ourselves and make our decisions. This change affects our marketing, of course, but also other areas of the company and its business model.
In the potential-based social media strategy model pbsm we start with the company’s business model. This ensures that the social media strategy is aligned with the business model and thus enables social media to provide optimum support for the entire business model. At the same time, the change potential of social media for your business model becomes apparent.
This approach is another foundation for the performance of the potential-based social media strategy model pbsm and distinguishes it from all other methods of strategy development in social media.

Social media affinity of markets

The social media impact is individual. Not every company is affected by social media to the same extent or can benefit from social media to the same extent.
Only when we recognize how social media affects our business model and what social media can do for our business model and its markets we can use the full potential of social media. We call this difference in the impact of social media social media affinity. Social media affinity affects markets as well as business models.
In the potential-based social media strategy model pbsm we determine and use social media affinity via the topics of the markets. This is more precise and makes strategies with the pbsm. more effective.

Social media action options

Social media options for action reveal which performance potential a company can use in a specific market and competition and with which corporate benefit.

Using the social media options for action, we recognize which parts of a market we can support most successfully with social media and in what way. Market opportunities through social media become clearer and can be exploited most precisely.

Social Media Resources

Social media is resource-intensive. The more consistently social media is used, the more intense competition gets, the more important the issue of resources becomes. At the same time, social media is a source of resources itself. At least if we take this into account in our strategy.
The potential-based strategy model pbsm not only shows the resource requirements for a strategy, but also how we can use social media resources for this strategy.

Business options

By opting for social media, companies commit to structures and strategies for a longer period of time. These decisions affect our options for the future.
In the potential-based strategy model pbsm. we can see which additional options arise from a strategy and which existing options are abandoned with this strategy.

Your personal benefits from the pbsm.

Your professional competence increases significantly and is more recognized.

You will become much more valuable to your company.
Because you can use social media more comprehensively for the economic success of your company. Right across the company’s business model.

Requirements for the pbsm.

Social media strategy expertise of this level doesn’t just happen by itself.

In addition to sound social media know-how, you need the ability to use social media profitably for business models in order to achieve this level of strategy expertise. This ability has not been taught in social media training to date.
That’s why these courses exist now. But they require some time and commitment from you.

Check which course is the right one for you.

The potential-based social media strategy model pbsm can turn your social media strategies into a truly competitive advantage.

Take advantage of this opportunity – for yourself and your company.

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