Zeit für Strategiekompetenz
Zeit für Strategiekompetenz

Social Media

Zeit für Strategiekompetenz
Zeit für Strategiekompetenz

Social Media


Meet your new social media strategy skills

With the online course on the potential-based strategy model pbsm, strategy becomes your personal competitive advantage.

Social media performance potential

You can demonstrate and realize the individual performance potential of social media for companies.

Strategy development

They master strategy development and its individual steps – from the performance potential of social media to the business model to options for action and strategy definition.

Business models

You will recognize opportunities and risks of social media for business models, be able to communicate them at every level of the company and develop solutions.

Social media options for action

They recognize their company’s possible options for action in social media, their advantages and disadvantages, and their competitive situation.


You recognize the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors. In all relevant markets and in all relevant aspects of social media.


They have the complete overview of the market and competitive situation in social media and can also present this impressively.


They recognize the potential corporate benefit of social media for the business model in all relevant parts and recognize whether and how this benefit can be realized.

Strategy competence

They recognize performance and competitive quality of social media strategies, can explain and justifiably evaluate them, and recognize when strategies need to be updated or replaced.


They can competently integrate social media strategies into the day-to-day work of the company, manage and monitor their implementation, and react to changes in the general conditions in good time.

Time required

As a reading time, you should schedule 2-3 hours a day to work on the content. Assume that the time spent practicing the practical application is greater than the time spent just reading.

Prior knowledge

Social media knowledge from business application is a prerequisite. Strategy knowledge is not required.

Learning mode

The contents are worked out independently and the individual learning success is checked independently by means of the suggested exercises.
Forums for communication with participants and lecturer, FAQs and a small  Wiki  complement the content of the social media strategy courses.
Individual consultation hours  with the instructor are additionally available (fee required).


Licenses for the use of the pbsm are granted for quality assurance of the application and correspond to the intended use of the method.
You can find more details under Licenses

User directory

All course participants are entered in the user directory in pbsm.info with their respective degree.

Your personal advantages through the potential-based strategy model

Strategy competence: The potential-based strategy model leads to higher strategy competence. They can explain and shape the benefits of social media on all aspects of the business model.

Relevance: The importance of social media – and your strategy expertise – to the success of the business model becomes clear. This ensures attention and recognition.

Secure these advantages for yourself.

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1 Set up

Course module set up strategy process
Reading time approx. 10 minutes
Exercises 1

2 Social media performance potential

Course module Social Media Performance Potential
Reading time 250 minutes
Exercises: 78

3 Social media action options

Course module Social Media Options for Action
Pure reading time: approx. 200 minutes
Exercises: 37

4 social media strategy components

Course module Social Media Strategy Components
Reading time: approx. 250 minutes
Exercises: 49

5 Definition of social media strategy

Course module Social Media Strategy Definition
Pure reading time: approx. 150 minutes
Exercises: 40

6. Social media strategy evaluation

Course module Strategy evaluation
Reading time: approx. 82 minutes
Exercises: 4

7 Strategy Management

Course module Strategy Management
Reading time: approx. 20 minutes
Exercises: none