Strategy check

Strategies are decisions about how we use a specific potential in social media under certain competitive conditions and available resources.
The quality of the strategy depends not only on what it says, but also on what decisions the strategy is based. If it is not clear on which decisions the contents of a strategy are based, the contents of the strategy are questionable.

Review your existing social media strategy. If any of the following content is not present or not documented in a way that allows decisions to be understood, the strategy should be updated.

Social media performance potential

The performance potential of social media for your business, deciding which potential to use and which potential not to use. These decisions should be documented in a comprehensible manner.

Social media options for action

The courses of action we use to realize the corporate benefits from social media in the existing competitive environment. Decisions should be documented in a comprehensible manner.

Company benefits

The concrete corporate benefit from social media for the business model that is possible and the part of it that is to be realized by the strategy. Decisions should be documented in a comprehensible manner.

Social media strategy components

The components of the strategy that shape the market and competition and are necessary for competitiveness and the desired benefits, such as topics, user benefits, usage formats, participation, motivation and social media channels.

Assumptions and prerequisites

The assumptions and prerequisites that must be in place for the strategy to be successful in the competitive environment and provide the desired benefits. Defined and documented for key strategy components.


The resources required for the strategy in quality and quantity as well as the activities that will be taken to meet the resource requirements in a timely manner.


The risks arising from possible competitive reactions and inapplicable assumptions and prerequisites and how to respond to them. This assessment and responses should be documented.

Target system

A consistent target system for the strategy components and the strategy as a whole, aligned with the desired corporate benefit from the strategy.


If your social media strategy lacks these core elements, you should update your strategy and make it powerful.
The potential-based strategy model pbsm offers the know how for this with its online courses.