Here you can find informations about strategy and the potential-based strategy model pbsm as downloads.

Social media strategy in simple words

Strategy competence

The PDF explains on 9 pages what a social media strategy actually is, what it is based on and how it is developed.

Knowledge that is indispensable for those responsible for social media.

The potential-based strategy model pbsm – basics

Social Media Strategie for business

Here you will learn the basics of the potential-based strategy model. In over 200 pages you will learn how to develop social media strategies that serve the entire company and are more efficient and competitive.

Social media strategy course – exercises

The pdf contains the exercises of the strategy course and the prices for individual feedback.

Why the POST Framework cannot produce genuine social media strategies

Strategy competence

The POST framework is the method that many social media managers learn when it comes to strategy development. Unfortunately, it is also a method that cannot lead to a strategy. Bad for the strategic competence of these managers and bad for their companies.

The most powerful strategy model for social media


This PDF briefly presents the performance potential of the potential-based strategy model pbsm.
The only strategy model that supports business models and takes competition in social media into account.

How not to write a social media strategy

Misleading strategy informations

Since even industry giants and reference book authors are not immune to the spread of misleading content for social media strategy development, here is another short, quickly put-together PDF that addresses the problem and provides a solution.

What you should consider when developing and evaluating a social media strategy

Strategy development

Find out what to consider when developing and evaluating a social media strategy.

18 pages of know-how for social media managers.

Options for action – foundation of successful social media strategies

Social Media Options

Learn about and use the options for action (in social media) and their importance as a basis for strategy development.

No strategy without defining the assumptions and requirements

Strategy development

This pdf deals with the importance of assumptions and prerequisites in strategy development. Every strategy is based on assumptions and prerequisites. Knowledge of these is essential for the success of the strategy.

Social media strategy skills and training

Strategy competence

The pdf describes the requirements for the strategic competence of social media managers, highlights the deficits in their training and offers solutions to resolve the existing deficits.

How to recognize fake strategies in social media.

Social media is changing industries and business models. Whether this creates competitive advantages or disadvantages for a company is determined by its social media strategy.
But not everything that is called a strategy is one and not every strategy is complete, well-founded and competitive.

Social media strategy manifesto

Learn 12 points that are important for strategy development.

Final paper pbsm.strategist

Thesis requirements for the pbsm.strategist degree.

This allows you to find out about the requirements for this degree or test your own strategy skills.