About the test lessons

Test lessons offer a time-limited opportunity to get to know parts of the strategy course pbsm.user for free. You have the opportunity to skim some content of the course to get an impression of the scope and quality of the course.

  • Primary purpose of the test lessons at this time is to give my network in LinkedIn and Xing an easy way to take a look at the course.
  • There is no degree or license associated with the test lessons.
  • Access is limited to 5 days and begins with the first login.

At the bottom of the page you can see the test lessons based on the strategy pbsm.user, on the right sidebar you can see the full scope of the strategy course.

How to use the test lessons

As a part of my professional network in LinkedIn or Xing contact me via LinkedIn or Xing for access. Access to the test lessons requires an eMail address.

If you are not part of my professional network in LinkedIn or Xing, but use these platforms contact me via eMail with a link to your professional profile in a business network or send me a contact request with a reference to the test course.

If you do not use LinkedIn or Xing but have a professional focus in social media, contact me via eMail (pbsm@pbsm.info with a short reference to this professional focus.

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