2 Course learning objective

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Learning Goal: To learn the objectives of the course.

This course aims to teach you the method of the potential-based strategy model pbsm with which you will be able to

  • understand strategy(s) more comprehensively
  • develop more precisely
  • adapt / update in time
  • evaluate and discard in a well-founded way.

About the potential-based strategy model pbsm

The potential-based strategy model pbsm is a toolbox that enables you to develop individual strategies for individual business models in their specific competitive situations. This toolbox is more powerful than other methods of strategy development in social media because it is

is more precise: the competition and the opportunities and risks in the competition are identified in more detail and can be dealt with more precisely accordingly.

more comprehensive effect: social media strategies serve not only marketing with the pbsm cover the entire business model and serve not only marketing, but also other functional areas such as product management and sales, as well as the customer segmentation, customer relations and channels modules of the business model.

Understanding strategy

Chapter 5 covers the topic of strategy and its different perspectives. As a general perspective for understanding strategy, you should consider the following aspects:

Strategies are not static elements. They take place in a dynamic, constantly changing environment and must take these conditions into account by adapting. Anyone who understands strategy in static terms misunderstands strategy.

Strategies are assumptions that have to prove and confirm themselves in reality. No strategy survives reality unchanged. We should never forget this centuries-old insight and constantly check our strategies for the current need for adaptation, adapt them or even discard them if necessary. Strategies that no longer fit should be replaced as quickly as possible.

Strategy is a permanent task. Strategy is not something that is designed once and implemented unchanged for years. Strategy must be permanently managed.

Strategy does not work on autopilot. The implementation of strategies has to be actively managed as well as their relevance and actuality.

Developing strategies

In order to be able to develop well-founded strategies competently, we need the knowledge of

  • of the social media performance potential for companies
  • the content scope of a social media strategy
  • the business model for which we are developing the social media strategy, including the effects of social media on the business model
  • the markets and market players and their behavior
  • the competition and its behavior.

In the potential-based strategy model pbsm, we work with a defined and structured performance potential of social media, a structured strategy with defined strategy components, the business model according to Osterwalder & Pigneur, with the topics of markets and business model as a precise and social media-compatible structure. This gives us a clear and finely structured picture of the options for action for a company in its competitive situation, showing where and how competitive advantages and corporate benefits can be secured through social media.

Evaluate strategies adapt and discard

We learn to evaluate strategies by their competitive quality, effort and complexity. We can localize the need for adaptation of strategies at an early stage on the basis of KPIs and, due to the structure of strategies according to the potential-based strategy model, also very precisely, adapt strategy accordingly where this makes sense or identify the need for new strategies in good time.

Strategy competence

The potential-based strategy model is currently the most comprehensive and well-founded toolbox for developing powerful social media strategies. Strategy competence in using this toolbox grows with experience in its application. Get to know the method, check your learning success with the more than 200 exercises for your company and use every opportunity to expand your know how by applying the method to other companies and industries.

The more profoundly you master the method, the more you will be perceived as a competent partner for the use of social media for the business model and its concerns. With this competence, you provide social media with the recognition that corresponds to the performance potential of social media and present yourself as competent to secure this performance potential for the business model of your company.