5.2 Strategy Definition Usage: Overview Content Strategy, Strategy Version

Learning objective strategy definition: Overview of the content of a social media strategy in the potential-based strategy model.

Reading time: approx. 3 minutes

Exercises: Exercises are in the PDF of all exercises of this course. Download it from here.

Strategies must be communicated. Once to get them approved, permanently to realize them.

In addition to a presentation of the strategy for the decision, we need an overview in which all relevant contents of the strategy are documented and can be used as an information basis for the implementation of the strategy.

Below is an example as inspiration for your own overview. Do not assume that your overview should and will look the same. This is certainly not to be expected simply because of the varying degrees of content.

Therefore, it is best to create a folder or binder right away in which you summarize the overview of the strategy as well as the contents of the strategy components and the documentation of the strategy development.

For the implementation (even if they are actually self-evident)

  • develop a realistic roadmap in the form of a project for implementing the strategy, using project management software. The development and establishment of social media structures, such as channels, usage formats and reach, generally requires significantly more time than is assumed from an optimistic point of view. Consider this in your project planning but do not communicate that your planning has stable time buffers. Otherwise, they disappear quickly.
  • Summarize and provide the content of the strategy and the roadmap based on it to all stakeholders in an individualized way.
  • Provide information on the status of implementation and check compliance with the roadmap and take immediate action if problems become apparent. It is their strategy and your responsibility.
  • Where the strategy is based on an audience you should use content management software.

Overview Strategy

The Strategy overview shows the key objectives of the strategy (business benefits from social media, objective of the social media strategy for the themes of the strategy (competitive objectives) and the social media objectives for the core strategy components with which the competitive objectives are to be achieved.

The following example of a working template (in german language) focuses on the core strategy components that impact users. Of course, it could also be supplemented by the company benefit or other areas, depending on how and for what this work tool is to be used. Here too, it is not the example that is decisive, but the purpose of the work equipment and the ability to develop and use the appropriate work equipment.

If, as you might expect, the volume of content requires more space, you could, for example, use a separate sheet for each strategy component with the objectives, content, and measures.

Strategy components

Use the documentation of the content of the strategy components and create an overview of the content of each strategy component required for this initial overview of the content of the strategy.

Further guidance for approval and implementation.

In particular, outline the content and structures that are required and need to be built, such as usage formats, social media channels, functions, reach, participation opportunities, motivational structures.

Define the necessary resources for building structures not too scarce. Above all, make sure that the necessary competence for building structures is in place from the very beginning. Make sure that this competence does not only come from the use of appropriate structures, but also includes development and construction.

Adjust social media staffing and professional resources in a timely manner to meet the needs of the strategy. In the best case, these should already be in place.